Friday, July 10, 2009

Ethnic Vice... Balika Vadhu

Right now the most watched soap on air is "Rakhi Sawant ka Swayamvar" ( which is so good a matter of discussion that it calls for a new post) but I want to concentrate on the soap that had one month back rocked the charts ( on the small screen).
Initially the high pitched voice and the seemingly unnatural feminine aggression and dominance of Dadi sa was a treat, not because of bland potrayal of the Haryana Rajasthan ethnic culture but because it was something different from the regular boring "kicch kicch". The same effect was seen for SAB's Left Right Left. I was myself an ardent viewer but a weak script of around a month was enough to draw myself out of its clutches.

The thing i like most abt "Balika Vadhu" is that it has shown immense maturity. Problems that have plagued those regions for centuries and are doing so even now have finally been communicated to everybody in a very different fashion handling the matter with equality. Its not that "widow remarriage" should be practised and why shouldnt anyone allow it. They have shown why these evils persist , what happens to those who stand up against it , what can be the possible solution.

The happy part is the youth in this serial has taken the bold step. And yeah watch out for the adages at the end of the serial. They arre really meaningful.

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