Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Animals Extinction

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I dont know how many had watched the " Tigers in India" , a documentary on either Discovery or the National Geographic, baout the ugly truth of Tiger Conservation in India.
We all know how serious this issue is, but if you are blaming the government authorities, and the poachers for the letdown, then you are not helping at all. It is very easy to comment on the negligience of the authorities and the act of the poachers but you must think twice.

The people who are actually guarding the forests, who sit on raised paltforms, and conduct daily investigation, have only lathis with them. LATHIS.. against deadly animals, leave aside weapons of poachers. How in the world can one expect them to do their job with such meagre facilities.
Even if you ask the guys , it is not that they are proud of protecting the "National Animal of India", or the government is making them feel proud, it is just that they don't have any other option of income. Judge this, the people visiting the park as tourists have high end binoculars, whereas these protectors don't have it.
Now who is the culprit? The authority just above the guards? Maybe he is not getting funds at all. Just the salaries of the employies, which is actually the case in most of the reserves. Funds can only flow in, if the public creates awareness, because the politicians always act to keep the masses happy. We will also have to become clever.
Raise your voice, spread the news, discuss it with friends everywhere, so people start to take interest, and then when the media picks up, maybe the government will act. Till then we will have to continue trying.

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