Sunday, November 29, 2009


Some important statistics

1) BITSAT online exam was started 4 years back. CAT online exam has started just now
2) The BITSAT exam spanned for more than 50 days with 3 batches a day. The CAT exam was "supposed" to span over 10 days, with 2 exams everyday.
3) The no of students taking BITSAT is around 2 lakhs, CAT is taken by 2.5 lakhs
4) BITSAT is managed by the BITS Pilani, Institute themselves. CAT paid a huge amount of fees to PROMETRIC.
5) BITSAT continues successfully for 4 years. CAT failed on "First day, First Show", continuing the same on the second day too.
If anybody wants to add more point ( pro BITS) then please comment.

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Jayant said...

BITSAT managed by Eduquity , a bangalore based company alongwith BITS administartion........So well demonstrated capability in India..IIMs never needed a multi million dollar deal with Prometric!!