Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Crime Against Women

Crime against women is on the rise, but what we read in the newspapers about violent attacks in only a tip of the iceberg. People might think molestation/rape is the foremost crime, but it is not. According to the data pulled from

1) DOWRY is one of the foremost reasons of crime against women and Andhra Pradesh has a huge chunk of it.  The numbers include cases registered for dowry prevention act

2) The following graph sums up all the registered cases by State. Uttar Pradesh might be sharing a low % here but we can attribute it to the low level of awareness of filing a case. I am trying to incoporate these factors but will have to get more data
3) The following graph looks at the age group of the people who commit crimes. As expected most of them lie in the 18-30 range
4) On trying to find out whether rural/urban has a part to play, it was found that the rural graph has more correlation than the urban graph

5)  I regressed the crime occurrences with the following factors

 The following are the results of the regression. We can see that the R Square is too less to say anything definite about the relationship of crime and the geographical boundaries. There are other factors

Age GroupR- Squared
<18 td="">5.82%
18 to 3016.76%
30 to 4514.86%
45 to 6013.97%
> 6011.77%

Age Group R- Squared
<18 td=""> 4.55%
18 to 30 7.38%
30 to 45 5.95%
45 to 60 5.70%
> 60 3.34%

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