Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pulling Company Information through R

For some time now, I was grappling  with getting company fundamental ratios to be able to do analysis. I have written a small R script that downloads the necessary market data for that stock ( in the example AAPL ). The source of the data is YAHOO Finance

After execution the R workspace will contain 2 data frames
ratios    -> Quantitative Data
ratios2  -> Qualitative Data

Download File

I am working on getting more balance sheet related information. It is always better to have more information while doing analysis

If anybody wants to have the complete list of companies enlisted in NSE, you can get it here Download File

After searching around for some time, I wrote a script that will scrape and list the tickers etc for products around the world. The current list contains of 110,000 products. You can download the Excel file here Download File Timestamp : 2nd March,2015 ( I refrained from using csv, because the company name consisted of all sorts of characters which can meddle with string separation :) )

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