Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cutting of Trees at Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai

The recent decision by MMRDA to cut down 3000 trees in the Aarey Colony is a bad one. It seems they have little idea of the importance of the aarey forest land around Mumbai

With a population of 20000000 Mumbai emits around 3 crore tons of carbon per year. Most of it is thrown into the atmosphere. A large part is sequestered by the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. However it is one trees work at a time.

Due to the 3000 trees being cut , 52 tons of carbon will be emitted into the atmosphere. And on an annual basis a 100 tons of carbon which would have been sequestered will now remain in the atmoshphere

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world saver said...

Our basic problem is popullation not trees , cutting trees is necessity now as our elders have not control the population growth.. and for there mistakes we are wasting 2 to 4 hours in travelling daily .. we dont have a life of 1000 years and we are wasting time in travelling.. instead of stopping the cutting of tress stop producing kids.. trees will always grow back when there is enough space....