Thursday, April 16, 2015

ExoPlanet Analysis : Numerical to Categorical Data in R

After the recent discovery of a possible man made object by amateur outer space researchers, I thought that I should lay some hands on data from Outer space. I made use of the Exoplanet Orbit Database and the Exoplanet Data Explorer at

I used 2 variables Density and Gravity. We all know that more the density, more the gravity, so I just wanted to plot it. The problem was that both these columns were numerical values. This makes it difficult to plot. So i had to convert one of the variables to a category variable

I used the sapply function which proved to be very powerful

exoplanets$densityCategory = sapply(exoplanets$DENSITY,function(x) 
else if(x<2) {'less than 2'}
else if(x>=2) {'>2'})
We can always add more categories. So after this, it was a matter of plotting the data.

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